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A highly experienced full-time Lawyer-Neutral with a mediation settlement rate of 90% – well above the industry average, Alistair Pye is consistently recognised by both Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners UK directories as a leading mediator. His straight-talking, imaginative style has led to resolution across all types of civil and commercial disputes, from modest claims to complex multi-party cases of up to £20 million in value.

Mediation Style and Approach

Alistair is known for his relaxed, approachable manner alongside a depth of experience honed over 25 years as a litigation lawyer at the highest levels. These attributes, combined with meticulous preparation, enable him to win the trust and confidence of the participants right from the start of the mediation process.

As a skilled negotiator, Alistair understands the psychology of conflict, and of its resolution, and is quickly able to identify both barriers to and opportunities for advancing the negotiation. Once the framework of the dispute has been digested and understood in the opening sessions, for Alistair the process then becomes almost intuitive.

Never afraid to reality test through tough probing questions, whilst remaining tuned in to the sensitivities of the participants, Alistair is able to offer the participants a new perspective on their dispute which is focused firmly on their wider interests. He is highly adaptable in his approach, based on the dynamics at play in each room, and participants appreciate his straight talking and tenacity.

If there is no settlement on the day, Alistair is always keen to continue working with the participants over the days following the mediation, so that the momentum towards settlement is not lost and resolution achieved.


Chambers Guide 2016
Recognised as a Leading Individual, Alistair Pye attracts praise from market sources for being “extremely thorough in preparation, coming to mediations knowing the issues and understanding them.” Sources also appreciate his flexible approach to mediation, noting that he is “pretty tough and resilient when needed, but also friendly, which clients appreciate.” He undertakes a range of mediation work, ably handling commercial, employment and property disputes.

Legal 500 2015
Recognised as Band 2 Leading Mediator, Alistiar Pye at In Place of Strife uses his “calm and balanced approach to inspire confidence from the outset”. Clients praise his “professionalism and commitment to finding solutions”, “meticulous preperation”, “objectivity” and “ability to see the big picture”.

Chambers Guide 2015
Recognised as a Leading Individual. Described as “extremely energetic, proactive, open and honest with clients regarding their aims and expectations.”

Sources praise his ability to “quickly establish the bottom and top lines so we can move on. Often we can’t see the wood for the trees – Alistair can rise above that and be objective.”

Legal 500 2014
Alistair Pye has “an excellent grasp of the law and technical issues that often arise”, some of which will stem from his previous career as a construction lawyer. Clients like his “refreshingly direct and clear approach”, whereby he “steers the parties towards their objectives without prevarication”.

Chambers Guide 2014
Alistair Pye is “very easy-going, very affable, and very approachable.” Solicitors appreciate his “businesslike” manner and that he “listens to what people have to say.” Sources say: “He adopts an informal approach to the parties. He identifies the issues accurately and focuses on what can be achieved.”

Chambers Guide 2013
Sources say Alistair Pye’s “core strengths” include “his focus on wider interests rather than legal issues, his tenacity and his ability to get straight to the heart of the matter.”

Sources say: “He combines a relaxed, good-humoured manner with straight talking and an exceptionally sharp analytical brain which instantly builds trust and rapport with the decision makers.”


“Alistair Pye is a magician: an intractable dispute, resolved, with smiles and handshakes. His decisions as to how the parties could begin – and maintain – a dialogue were pitch perfect.” Barrister representing a party in an exceptionally acrimonious neighbour / harassment / property dispute

“Alistair Pye is a very skilled operator. I was seriously impressed with his style. Whilst he was sympathetic to the participants, he was not prepared to put up with prevarication and posturing. Because of his personality, he was able to inculcate a sense of realism amongst the participants and, as a result, was able to drive forward a settlement to a problem that appeared, on more than one occasion, intractable. All in all, a privilege to watch.” Tim Concannon, Barrister

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Extensive experience at a senior level – Alistair successfully mediates 6-8 cases per month, from small yet seemingly entrenched neighbour disputes, to high-profile, multimillion-pound contract cases between PLCs

Wide-ranging legal practice – 25 years experience as a commercial litigation lawyer-advocate with rights of audience in all UK courts, Alistair’s extensive legal experience has taught him that almost any dispute can be resolved through mediation

Personable, direct and tenacious – Alistair has an intuitive and assured mastery of the mediation process, with an easy manner that belies his pragmatic, commercial and assertive approach

Available to work anywhere – Based in London and the South West, Alistair travels nationally and internationally for mediation work


Alistair mediates all types of civil and commercial dispute, including:

Banking and financial services
Commercial contracts
Commercial property
Company and shareholder disputes
Construction and engineering
Duress and undue influence
Fraud, deceit and conversion
Inheritance and probate
Insurance (including coverage)
Intellectual property
IT and software disputes
Land and property claims (all types)
Landlord and tenant
Partnership disputes
Pensions and life insurance
Personal injury
Professional liability (all professions)
Public Law disputes
Restitution and unjust enrichment
Trespass and nuisance


  • One of the largest and most complex mediations of 2014: a multi-party, multi-million pound engineering dispute arising from a landslip, co-mediated over three days by Alistair and one of the most acclaimed mediators in the UK. Settled on detailed terms.
  • £1.3 million claim by liquidator of a company to reverse transactions by which company assets were paid away to connected individuals or companies shortly before creditors voluntary winding up, on the basis of preferences, transactions at an undervalue, misfeasance and breach of fiduciary duty. Settled.
  • A difficult three party mediation of a £1 million insurance dispute arising from a claim by the widow of a former managing director who had a stroke and died before medical underwriting information was passed to the provider of Death In Service Benefit. Settled.
  • A complex 4 party, £1 million construction dispute arising from the lease of a hotel to a major hotel chain with allegations of defective refurbishment and rebranding works. Settled on detailed terms.
  • £750,000 long running dispute between owners of a manor house and neighbours concerning numerous land issues. Settled on detailed terms.
  • £1 million dispute over a distribution agreement for the supply of items for sale in airline magazines. Settled.
  • Dispute between household name bank and senior employee concerning clawback of compensation package on termination of employment. Settled by agreeing a financial settlement with detailed terms.
  • £20 million dispute between two household name PLCs, arising under a distribution agreement. Not settled but issued narrowed.
  • Final account dispute on a large residential development. Settled by agreeing final figure following additions and deductions.
  • Complex multi-party construction dispute between developer, owner of retained land and vendor of development land. Settled by detailed terms and compensation payment.
  • Dispute over rent due under a series of commercial leases. Settled by detailed terms.
  • Dispute between GP practice partners. Settled by compensation payment to outgoing partner.
  • Solicitors’ negligence claim relating to failings in completing a charge over a property, resulting in repossession. Settled by compensation payment.
  • Dispute between Catholic diocese and a developer over development of a presbytery. Settled by agreeing detailed terms.


“While my approach to mediation is mainly facilitative, I do not shy away from reality-testing and tough questions. I believe that a mediator trades on his integrity and honesty in encouraging disputants to explore their real interests, as distinct from their legal positions.”

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