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Alistair Pye of IPOS Mediation has an extensive mediation practice covering a variety of commercial disputes. He exhibits particular strength in construction and associated professional negligence claims.

“He is down to earth and adept at simplifying issues and risks so that clients can feel at ease and make informed decisions.”

Chambers and Partners , 2021-2022

One of the most dynamic mediators on the market‘, Alistair Pye at IPOS Mediation has the ‘ability to grasp the key issues and keep the parties focused on a same-day resolution; and he is direct but pleasant, focused, effective and encouraging‘. In a recent 12-month period, Pye conducted a total of 66 mediations, the vast majority of which were via Zoom; instructions covered construction/engineering issues, a range of professional negligence matters, inheritance disputes (often farming community-related proprietary estoppel claims), and insurance coverage.

Legal 500, 2021-2022

Previous Entries

Alistair Pye undertook 62 mediations in 2018, predominantly in England and Wales but also in Dubai, Jersey and Guernsey. Pye’s mediations have involved construction and engineering and professional negligence, as well as a broad range of civil and commercial matters, including partnership and shareholder disputes, inheritance, banking, insurance, land, insolvency claims and general commercial and contract matters.

Legal 500 UK, 2020

Interviewees say: “He is very experienced and emotionally intelligent, so can see what truly is at dispute. His razor-sharp, no-nonsense approach helps the parties focus as to whether a settlement can be achieved.” Alistair Pye is sought after to mediate a broad array of commercial disputes, with concentrated activity in those concerning construction and professional negligence claims.

Chambers and Partners, 2020

Alistair Pye is ‘extremely well prepared, direct and down to earth, yet also highly professional‘. Others praise Pye for being ‘entirely focused on making progress with intractable matters‘. He is a construction, engineering and insurance specialist, although his recent mediation experience also includes land disputes, inheritance cases, trust, landlord and tenant disputes, commercial contract cases, employment law, company law, and agricultural disputes.

Legal 500 UK, 2019

Alistair Pye is recommended by clients as a “highly personable, skilled mediator who can retain a considerable amount of knowledge which can be called upon to help unlock disputes.” Pye is a construction and insurance specialist, and offers excellent experience in all manner of civil disputes.

Chambers and Partners, 2019

Alistair Pye is a mediator with considerable experience in construction and property related disputes. He wins praise for his “tenacious but controlled style that keeps parties focused on the main issues and gets them to reach a pragmatic solution.” He has additional experience in professional negligence and insurance matters.

Chambers and Partners, 2017

Alistair Pye attracts praise from market sources for being “extremely thorough in preparation, coming to mediations knowing the issues and understanding them.” Sources also appreciate his flexible approach to mediation, noting that he is“pretty tough and resilient when needed, but also friendly, which clients appreciate.” He undertakes a range of mediation work, ably handling commercial, employment and property disputes.

Chambers and Partners, 2016

Recognised as Band 2 Leading Mediator, Alistair Pye at In Place of Strife uses his “calm and balanced approach to inspire confidence from the outset”. Clients praise his “professionalism and commitment to finding solutions”, “meticulous preparation”, “objectivity” and “ability to see the big picture”.

Legal 500 UK, 2015

Recognised as Leading Individual, Alistair Pye is described as “extremely energetic, proactive, open and honest with clients regarding their aims and expectations”. Sources praise his ability to “quickly establish the bottom and top lines so we can move on. Often we can’t see the wood for the trees-Alistair can rise above that and be objective”.

Chambers and Partners, 2015

Alistair Pye has “an excellent grasp of the law and technical issues that often arise”, some of which will stem from his previous career as a construction lawyer. Clients like his “refreshingly direct and clear approach”, whereby he “steers the parties towards their objectives without prevarication”.

Legal 500 UK, 2014

Alistair Pye is “very easy-going, very affable, and very approachable.” Solicitors appreciate his “businesslike” manner and that he “listens to what people have to say.” Sources say: “He adopts an informal approach to the parties. He identifies the issues accurately and focuses on what can be achieved.”

Chambers and Partners, 2014

Sources say … Alistair Pye’s “core strengths” include “his focus on wider interests rather than legal issues, his tenacity and his ability to get straight to the heart of the matter.” A new entrant, sources say: “He combines a relaxed, good-humoured manner with straight talking and an exceptionally analytical brain which instantly builds trust and rapport with the decision makers.”

Chambers and Partners, 2013

Recognised as a Leading Individual, currently ranked in Band 3.

Legal 500 UK, 2013