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“Very efficient and personable. Got the job done. No messing about.”

Mediation in December 2022

“An all round excellent performance. Dealt with my vulerable client will care and dignity. Built a rapport swiftly. Achieved a very fair result through a lot of hard work on his part. Made it a pleasant experience for all involved on our side.”

Mediation in July 2022

“Alistair did a sterling job…[he] was helpful, interactive, inventive and won the trust of our client…I would be very happy to utilise his services in the future.”

Mediation in July 2022

“Alistair got to grips with all of the issues involved and was extremely effective in his role. His unique style and no-nonsense approach helped the parties in reaching a deal. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Alistair to others.”

Mediation in June 2022

“My clients were extremely grateful for the skilled way [Alistair] handled a very complex mediation, and to do so in such an empathetic fashion greatly helped them get through the day and to reach a successful conclusion.”

Mediation in February 2022

“Would “Alistair was a very effective mediator and spent the time setting out his role, delivering his insights and communicating the Claimant’s case to us in a polished and subtle manner. His experience shines through and he maintains openness with the parties that encourages and continues dialogue with him and the other side.” use Alistair again. He was well prepared, had clearly read and understood the papers, was direct with parties and applied pressure when needed. Without him I don’t believe we would have got a deal.”

Mediation in January 2022

“The matter had been ongoing for a considerable period of time. Mr Pye was just what was needed to cut through the issues, ensure a straight talking and no messing approach was adopted to enable the parties to reach a good outcome for all concerned and within the allotted time.
I would highly recommend Mr Pye to others.”

Mediation in October 2021

“Alistair was excellent at yesterday’s mediation and was praised by our client. I have used Alistair previously, as well as other mediators, and Alistair is still by far my favourite mediator to work with. His attention to detail and desire to really understand the legal arguments and matters of contention between the parties was very impressive, and was certainly a contributing factor to the progress made during the day.”

Mediation in October 2021

“This was the first time we engaged Alistair as mediator and we appreciated his straight-talking and sensible approach, which gained both our and our client’s trust and ultimately resulted in a settlement being achieved. We plan to use Alistair again for sure.”

Mediation in September 2021

“Having done nothing but litigation for 20+ years now, I appreciate that you (and the likes of you, albeit I have never met a mediator as good as you) are worth your weight in gold.”

Feedback from Law Firm Partner, January 2021

“I have done a number of mediations online now and you have been the best mediator so far.”

Feedback from solicitor, January 2021

“Alistair was marvelous. He was specifically selected due to this being a very challenging case and he was superb in his endeavors to keep the parties focused on the matter in hand.”

Mediation in September 2020

“Alistair is a very effective communicator. I particularly liked the way that he starts the mediation – it is very useful to know what to expect from him, in terms of his approach and how he might challenge the parties. It then doesn’t come as a surprise. Alistair is not afraid to get tough with the parties and sometimes that is just what a dispute needs.”

Mediation in April 2020

“I would like to thank Alistair for conducting a mediation via Zoom. The process worked well and I would certainly consider it again going forward.”

Mediation in April 2020

“Having tried a few Alistair still rates as the best in my view.

He is off-piste creative, has the knack of cutting his cloth to the particular case in front of him and manages to identify the pinch points quickly i.e. I have been to a lot of mediations where the mediator has one default mode and setting, and sometimes that default mode and setting does not suit or fit the dispute, the parties or indeed the overall environment.

I would also add that the clients were genuinely amazed that Alistair had (1) read all the papers and (2) had a working grasp of the relatively niche and complex business / marketplace that they were in.”

Mediation in January 2020

“I thought Alistair was brilliant…It was a testing day and I know Alistair worked really hard to get where we got to. I had heard good things about Alistair previously and now having used him I would recommend him and certainly try to secure him for my future mediations.”

Mediation in December 2019

“Without a doubt, a thoroughly decent person, with a great skill and judgement. I would not hesitate to work with Alistair in the future, we all really enjoyed his company and his ability as a Mediator is unquestionable in our eyes. We are grateful to Alistair.”

Mediation in November 2019

“Excellent. Alistair very quickly identified the key individuals who should meet to discuss the issues in dispute. This led to progressive settlement discussions promptly, which is key in any mediation.”

Mediation in September 2019

“Alistair is very good at his job. He quickly understood the issues involved and the key to unlocking the dispute in hand. His communication is very clear, concise and efficient and I would not hesitate to instruct him again. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Mediation in July 2019

“Alistair was excellent. Formed a very good working relationship with me and our clients, and helped to put the clients at ease with his friendly approach and sense of humour. He dealt with the issues and commercial and personal considerations in the dispute very effectively, and played a key role in helping to achieve a resolution.”

Mediation in June 2019

“Practical and energetic. Easy to talk to and fully engaged with issues.”

Mediation in April 2018

“Excellent. Well prepared. Succinct. Practical. Presented the process and positions well to client.
Plenary sessions well guided.”

Mediation in March 2018

“Alistair was excellent , he set out the procedure very well and in the right way advised each of the parties the strength and weaknesses of their claim. He kept everything focused on achieving a deal within the timescale.”

Mediation in July 2017

“Mediator was fantastic. Really read the situation and the parties well and came up with the best way to reach settlement.”

Mediation in July 2017

Partner representing one of the parties thanked Alistair for his “monumental efforts”; said the dispute would not have settled without his input and they would have no hesitation in recommending him in future.

Mediation in January 2017

“Alistair’s skills as a mediator helped settle this dispute which had been rumbling for 46 years. It was a complex case with many holes in the evidence but I am thrilled that it settled.”

Solicitor representing one of the parties, 2016

“Very impressed with Mr Pye. He quickly got a good grasp of the issues but remained completely neutral throughout the whole process. This was a difficult and emotive matter and he reacted to that, ensuring that the appropriate method of mediation was used at all times.”

Mediation in November 2015

“Excellent-dealt fairly and appropriately with a very complicated and fractious dispute and did a fantastic job in securing a settlement. He was just what we needed and, importantly secured the claimant’s trust.”

Mediation in October 2015

“Alistair had an excellent approach towards my client and spoke persuasively and straightforwardly…We would certainly use him again.”

Mediation in September 2015

“Alistair is my go-to mediator for all disputes.”

Mediation in September 2015

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