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Alistair Pye attracts praise from market sources for being “extremely thorough in preparation, coming to mediations knowing the issues and understanding them.” Sources also appreciate his flexible approach to mediation, noting that he is“pretty tough and resilient when needed, but also friendly, which clients appreciate.” He undertakes a range of mediation work, ably handling commercial, employment and property disputes


Recognised as Leading Individual, Alistair Pye is described as “extremely energetic, proactive, open and honest with clients regarding their aims and expectations”. Sources praise his ability to “quickly establish the bottom and top lines so we can move on. Often we can’t see the wood for the trees-Alistair can rise above that and be objective”. 


Alistair Pye is “very easy-going, very affable, and very approachable.” Solicitors appreciate his “businesslike” manner and that he “listens to what people have to say.” Sources say: “He adopts an informal approach to the parties. He identifies the issues accurately and focuses on what can be achieved.”


Sources say … Alistair Pye’s “core strengths” include “his focus on wider interests rather than legal issues, his tenacity and his ability to get straight to the heart of the matter.” A new entrant, sources say: “He combines a relaxed, good-humoured manner with straight talking and an exceptionally analytical brain which instantly builds trust and rapport with the decision makers.”

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Recognised as Band 2 Leading Mediator, Alistiar Pye at In Place of Strife uses his “calm and balanced approach to inspire confidence from the outset”. Clients praise his “professionalism and commitment to finding solutions”, “meticulous preperation”, “objectivity” and “ability to see the big picture”.


Alistair Pye has “an excellent grasp of the law and technical issues that often arise”, some of which will stem from his previous career as a construction lawyer. Clients like his “refreshingly direct and clear approach”, whereby he “steers the parties towards their objectives without prevarication”


Recognised as a Leading Individual, currently ranked in Band 3.

Examples of Feedback from Participants

“Very impressed with Mr Pye. He quickly got a good grasp of the issues but remained completely neutral throughout the whole process. This was a difficult and emotive matter and he reacted to that, ensuring that the appropriate method of mediation was used at all times”.

Partner representing one of the parties in an inheritance and property dispute, November 2015.

“Excellent-dealt fairly and appropriately with a very complicated and fractious dispute and did a fantastic job in securing a settlement. He was just what we needed and, importantly secured the claimant’s trust”.

Associate representing one of the parties in an exceptionally complex, multi-party construction dispute, October 2015.

“Alistair had an excellent approach towards my client and spoke persuasively and straightforwardly…We would certainly use him again”.

Partner representing one of the parties in a commercial dispute, September 2015.

“Alistair is my go-to mediator for all disputes”.

Solicitor representing one of the parties in a commercial dispute, September 2015.

“Excellent approach, kept things moving and I don’t think it would have resolved without the Mediator’s assistance”.

Partner representing one of the parties in a property dispute, August 2015.

“Daunting boundary dispute with difficult personalities involved. Alistair was very good at judging when to advise parties to back off and when to give them a clear talking to”.

Partner representing one of the parties in a land dispute, April 2015.

“Alistair is one of my favourite mediators because he always cuts to the chase as soon as possible. Discussions beforehand are always focused and constructive, but still challenging. On the day, my client attended with no legal adviser and said Alistair’s supportive but balanced input made the whole process so much easier. The outcome we achieved was way beyond what we had hoped for, and the other party was very happy too. Dialogue was re-established between the parties so hopefully any future issues can be nipped in the bud. Don’t you just love mediation?!”

Consultant representing one of the parties in an acrimonious neighbour dispute, December 2014.

“Alistair Pye was calm, credible, friendly, focused and sufficiently assertive to get the deal done. Heavyweight…suitable for high value (£100k+) mediations where senior people are involved”.

Partner representing one of the parties in a high-value employment dispute, December 2014.

“On behalf of the team here, our insured and insurer clients along with counsel, we wanted to drop you a line to thank you both for your patience, perseverance and hard work throughout the mediation process which was invaluable in achieving the settlement reached”.

Partner representing one of the parties in an exceptionally complex, multi-party, 3 day  mediation of an engineering dispute, November 2014.

“Alistair was excellent and triggered settlement and moved the parties by managing them well. Top class performance in a difficult dispute”.

Partner representing one of the parties in a commercial dispute, August 2014.

“I would very much like to thank Alistair for his commitment, hard work, and the excellent result I think he achieved for everyone so far as I am concerned. It was not an easy mediation to have taken on given the number of parties and the initially entrenched positions taken – Alistair saw it through to the end – his experience and tact was clearly apparent to me and I am sure to everyone else. Thank you Alistair!”

Partner representing one of the parties in a highly sensitive mediation of a multi-party defamation dispute, June 2014.

“Approachable, commercial and involved. Did an excellent job.”

Partner commenting after mediation of an IP dispute, March 2014.

“Excellent as usual.”

Solicitor commenting after successful mediation of a commercial dispute, March 2014.

“Many thanks for your excellent work on Wednesday which I really do think motivated the finish line being crossed…I come across a number of mediators in different areas from time to time, and I have to say that I found your approach very impressive – not so much the order of events (plenary, one-on-ones, sealed bids etc) which tend to feature in many mediations, but the bits in between. We could all have spent all day regurgitating the last 10 years of history between the clients, but you were able to firmly focus minds on the object of the exercise – trying to get a deal cut.”

Principal of niche IP practice referring to the mediation of an IP/confidentiality dispute, February 2014.

“Alistair was extremely helpful, particularly in encouraging an atmosphere of “let’s cut to the chase” which avoided hours spent salami slicing offers back and forth. I would certainly use him again and have recommended him to my colleagues as he was fully on top of the facts (which were tortuous) and the legal issues.”

Associate of large commercial practice referring to the mediation of a professional negligence dispute, December 2013.

“As always, Alistair was approachable, professional and effective.”

Partner of a London commercial property practice following successful mediation of a commercial property dispute, October 2013.

“Alistair Pye was excellent….”

Partner commenting on successful mediation of an inheritance dispute, October 2013.

“Excellent – calm, patient, good insight and understanding of the legal and practical arguments, the diffusing of high emotions and the egos of the too numerous lawyers involved. He had to read a great deal of paperwork on short notice.”

Partner of a Cardiff commercial practice commenting after successful mediation of a complex construction dispute, October 2013.

“Alistair Pye was great. Have used him twice this year.”

Partner of national commercial practice following successful mediation of a commercial dispute, September 2013.

“Alistair was excellent, and his help was much appreciated.”

Partner commenting following mediation of an employment dispute, June 2013.

“Alistair Pye was excellent. Proactive throughout and in the build up to the mediation. I would definitely use him again.”


Partner following successful mediation of inheritance dispute, May 2013.

“Excellent closure skills.”

Partner of commercial practice following mediation of a partnership dispute, March 2013.


“Alistair Pye is a magician: an intractable dispute, resolved, with smiles and handshakes. His decisions as to how the parties could begin – and maintain – a dialogue were pitch perfect.”

Barrister representing a party in an exceptionally acrimonious neighbour / harassment / property dispute, November 2012.

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